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Kinds of photography that is stealing everybody’s heart

Kinds of photography that is stealing everybody’s heart


If you are the kind of guy who gets flattered when it comes to taking pictures, then either you are a photography enthusiast or you earn your living from it. When you love photography and practice it regularly, it is good to know the different kinds of photography that are currently present.


This is something that you should be drawing in your childhood and are quite familiar with the concept. When it comes to capturing landscapes, different angles and frames turn the entire scenery into something mystic. It might take you multiple shots before you can finalise the once you were looking forward to achieving. You have to be in the open for long hours to get the perfect expression.


This kind of photography requires eccentric patience and practice. Research is important before visiting wildlife. One should be well-versed with the environment and carry the right gears to obtain the best shots in one go. It is all about animal life and their habitat where they stay. It is one of the challenging fields in photography.


It took some time before it penetrated within the mass. It was only possible when the drones were available to common people. Earlier only elite class photographer took the privilege to take capture aerial photography from a helicopter. Aerial photography is those which are taken from high above the ground from planes, drones, parachutes etc. An extended background can be obtained through aerial photography.


The action or sports photography requires the cameraman to be attentive and click the decisive moments in an event. It requires specific settings in a camera that takes an undistorted picture of a moving object. Some other accessories are also required to gain stability along with extensive practice.


This is supposedly the most ancient form of art/photography that includes close up of people. In the ancient time, elites would hire eminent artists to get portraits whereas, after the invention of the camera, people took close-ups of themselves and even pets. This represents detailed features of the person whose picture is being clicked.

Wedding Photography in India



One of the highly active field in photography, wedding photography in India and abroad is given much importance as it includes a lot of objects and events to be covered. It is also an event that is a combination of multiple emotions. Every photographer is assumed to have covered a wedding assignment at least once in their professional life. There is a huge demand of this field in the photography industry and is increasing even more.

Family portrait

This is another very attractive and prevalent field after wedding photography in India. In this kind of assignment, the photographer has to click family portraits. This is generally done when a family is blessed with a baby and relatives are eager to take a snap with the newborn. It includes expressions and poses that highlight the occasion perfectly.

The list of photography fields is unending with unique areas coming up now and then. Depending on what kind of photo you require the professional should be hired for the best quality pictures.

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