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Tips to turn your baby’s first ‘solid gulp’ memorable!

Tips to turn your baby’s first ‘solid gulp’ memorable!



The name evokes nostalgia and smile to your face!

Rice ceremony or as we Bengalis call it annaprashan or mukhe bhaat literally translates to ‘rice in your mouth’. This centuries old Bengali tradition occurs only once in a lifetime, when one is a baby.

The transfer from habituated to momma’s milk to the first taste of solid food (here, rice) is a welcoming change. Celebrated between 5-6 months of age. It is baby’s first bite of solid food! Priceless, isn’t it?

It is!

And, what’s better than to capture that precious moment to relive it throughout the lifestyle. So, book a photographer for the first rice ceremony photography session and let your baby’s smile kindle in your hearts!
Considering the scale of celebration witnessed in a rice ceremony, it only makes sense to splurge extravagantly in this once-in-a-lifestyle opportunity. From attire to food, guests to venue – everything needs to be meticulously planned.
Food being the key concern for this event, the menu must be planned keeping in mind the new-born and the guest as well. Don’t go for too spicy items as it might make your baby cry and not in a cute way! Plus, it might upset the invitees’ tummies too. So keep it light!

You can also seek the help of an event management company to make sure everything is set to perfection. Moreover, they are experienced, equipped with innovative ideas on holding the event, and make it a grand success.

Also, make sure the hired photographer captures that special moment perfectly when your little one takes the first ‘micro’ bite! Special indeed! Therefore, hire only the best first rice ceremony photography team to ‘freeze’ these prized moments!

Next comes the attire. Pick a dress for you munchkin that complements his/her cuteness. Plus, it must be striking to ‘spotlight’ your baby – as your little one is at the centre of everything.

Coming to the venue, it can be your home as it is the special abode for your special one. Although, you can look for larger open venues for more grandeur. Depending on the type of venue, decorate it aesthetically.

You can also put up personalised message board where the invited guests can pen down personalised messages. This would hold a special place in your sweetheart in the years to come.

But, whatever you do make this once-in-a-lifetime event momentous by appointing professional photographers and videographers to frame the first rice ceremony photography session.

This way you can lift off the burden of capturing the prized moments and spend quality time with your special one! However, make sure you book the photography team well in advance to avoid last-minute hurries! If you are on a tight budget, speak with the photographer into negotiating the price and nature of coverage.

Keep in mind, annaprashan or rice ceremony happens only once. So, make that count!

Oh, and yes…invitation cards. How could you forget that? These play a crucial role in making this rice ceremony memorable from the very start. Make colourful and unique shaped invitation cards that will stand out from the ordinary. Remember, creative invitation cards with your personal touch creates a lasting impression on the guests!

Lastly, thanks to the guests in person who took their time out to be a part of this grand event. You could also arrange for giveaways (like chocolates or small parting gifts) to make your baby’s rice ceremony event ever-lasting in their minds.

With these useful pointers in mind, you can etch your little one’s mukhe bhaat memories forever lively in your hearts and minds. So, have you decided how it is going to be?

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