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YouTube vs TikTok news by Ashirvad group

YouTube vs TikTok news by Ashirvad group


After #CarryMinati video was taken down by YouTube all the followers of Carry and the almost full community of youtube and a vast number of people from common citizen started giving 1 star rating to TikTok on google play store.From4.7 rating TikTok is facing their worst time phase so far, and now they are having only 1.3-star rating on play store

Hopefully, TikTok will be banned after lockdown is over and it will be the first step from Rekha Sharma who has already announced that TikTok should be banned  cause they are promoting vulgar connect adult content across their platform and all the so-called creators are uploading busted contents on their channel which may be caused a reason of distracting path for our youth

so wait for the govt step, let’s see what’s happening


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