Indian Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Rice Ceremony

The ‘MukheBhaat’ has to be captured through our lens

Post Wedding Photography in India

The birth of baby is a matter of immense significance to the parents as well as the entire family. The birth of a baby calls for a series of celebration, amongst it falls the rice ceremony. After six or seven months of the new born’s life, according to the hindusastra there must be a reverent occasion to feed the child his first grains of rice. It is a special occasion for the family where we specialise capturing the most vibrant photographs in a light and natural frame. Building a close connection with the family and a happy playful relation with the child Ashirvad Entertainment shoots the most adorable moments of the rice ceremony. From capturing the most innocent and playful shots of the baby to covering his/her apparel and actions we present you the most spontaneously adorable pictures of every emotion running through the event. We have excelled in the art of covering these important occasions delivering candid photographs within the desired budget.

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