Professional Album Designer in India


The most auspicious occasion in anybody’s life is Wedding

In a ceremony of tying the knots which is painted with colours of love, happiness and familial bonds Ashirvad Entertainment enlightens your journey adding tints of happiness to the wedding. In a wedding there are endless jiffs of gleeful moments, emotional ties and expressions of joy, Ashirvad Entertainment captures those spontaneous moments. Without any conscious posing on the part of the couple or their family members Ashirvad Entertainment have well equipped photographers to capture images that will immortalise moments. We will give you the most lively photographs that not only touches your heart but also speaks your soul. Our professional experts have their lens rolling all over the ceremonial events in the wedding to capture each unsolicited moment. We aim to give a natural spontaneity to the photographs making each frame vivacious. Our photographs have an allegorical outlook which not only aims at presenting you with the wedding snaps but also renders the love between the couple capturing their most enigmatic chemistry. We do not consider photography for a wedding ritual to be a professional inhibition, rather we take this work as a beautiful gesture to magnify the love of this ceremony. Ashirvad Entertainment puts the best of its efforts to paint gaiety for an everlasting span, even after months and years of the wedding the love and joy of the ceremony keeps speaking through the photographs. We will work our best to capture each moment from ‘haldi’ and ‘kanyadaan ‘to pheras’ and ‘garland exchange’, giving you the most naturally candid shots of a sacred marriage ritual.

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